A Blessed Beginnings Tee In White with a green Be Still and Know Logo on it.
A Blessed Beginnings Tee In White with a green Be Still and Know Logo on it.

Blessed Beginnings Tee In White

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A Blessed Beginnings Tee In White with a green Be Still and Know Logo on it.

Blessed Beginnings Tee In White

About Blessed Beginnings Tee In White
Washing & Care
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Let the purity of our Blessed Beginnings white tee transport you to moments of quiet meditation. Just as the white light diffuses darkness, let this simple piece of clothing diffuse the chaos of the day, reminding you of the calmness within faith.

Fit: Retail fit, Shoulder taping, side-seamed

Material: 100% Airlume combed and ring spun cotton

Washing Instruction
- Machine wash cold
- Turn shirt inside out

Drying Instruction
- Hang dry for longest life
- or tumble dry on low

- Do not iron design
- Do not use bleach

Shipping Information

We craft each piece with care just for you.

Most orders will arrive within 5-9 business days.

- 3 business days for creation

- 2-6 days for delivery within the 48 mainland U.S. states

- Shipping times may extend during the holiday season

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Remember, our unique boutique approach means we offer a full money-back guarantee instead of returns/exchanges. So, double-check your size before purchasing.

We're grateful for your support and can't wait for you to wear your BSAK apparel!

Note: We can't cover damages caused by customers post-delivery (like accidental tears).

Blessed Beginnings Vibe

Our 'Blessed Beginnings' collection captures the divine moment when God separated darkness from light. Each black and white tee is a canvas illustrating this miraculous event, a subtle reminder of how God illuminates our path every day. Embrace the tranquility that comes with wearing your faith, and celebrate the journey from shadow to sunshine

  • Illuminate Your Day

    Each tee is a subtle nod to those divine moments when light breaks through. It's like wearing a sunrise on your sleeve.

  • Shadow to Sunshine

    We all have our shadow moments, but there's always light waiting. Our collection's vibe embraces this journey, making every wear feel like a step closer to sunshine.

  • Celebrate the Transformation

    Just like God turned darkness into light, wearing our collection feels like a mini celebration of your own spiritual evolution, from shadows to sunlit paths.

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