Refunds, Returns & Exchanges


Hi there, welcome to BSAK! I'm Daniel. 🤗

30-day Money Back Guarantee.

  • If you don't find our apparel to be a powerful reminder to "be still and know" in this chaotic world within 30 days...
  • ...or if you think the quality isn’t up to the mark....
  • ...or even if you’re irked that wearing our apparel doesn’t instantly teleport you to a serene beach – hey, we dream too! - let us know!

For any reason AT ALL, we'll not only give you your money back, you'll also be able to keep the item.

Returns and Exchanges

We run a bit differently here at BSAK. Think of us as a boutique where every piece is crafted just for you. We don't stockpile items; instead, we team up with our awesome printing partners to make them fresh as soon as you place an order. This way, we keep our costs in check and make sure the quality is always top-notch.

That is why we offer a full money back guarantee instead of returns and exchanges.

So please check your sizing as before you purchase.

We're a family team, and we're super thankful for every order you place with us. 😊🙌

**Please note, we do not offer a refund if the item is damaged by the customer. (Example: customer accidently rips a hole in the shirt)